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Dive into the heart of the Forest of Grésigne: Discover the Red Deer Rut

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of nature? Don’t miss the breathtaking spectacle of the “red deer rut” in the mythical Forest of Grésigne, an enchanted interlude in the heart of our beautiful region.

Plunge into the heart of nature in the legendary Forest of Grésigne

Autumn is just around the corner, bringing with it one of nature’s most fascinating phenomena: the red deer rut in the mythical Forest of Grésigne. It’s an aural and visual spectacle that fascinates us with its majestic and mystical character. Imagine yourself in the heart of this thousand-year-old forest, bathed in the soft autumn light, listening to the powerful echoes of the red deer echoing through the ancient trees.

What is the red deer rut?

The red deer rut is a fascinating natural phenomenon that occurs every autumn during the red deer breeding season. The males emit powerful, guttural sounds, called the rut, which echoes through the woods. These sounds attract females and mark their territory. It’s an ancestral ritual of nature, a demonstration of strength and virility that immerses us in a unique and spellbinding soundscape. A veritable symphony throughout the forest.

Season of Love in the Forest of Grésigne

This autumnal period is often dubbed the “mating season” because it is the scene of passionate encounters among the local wildlife. This is a unique opportunity to observe the complex and captivating behaviour of red deer.

The Forest of Grésigne: A natural setting

Covering 3,530 hectares, the Forest of Grésigne is the largest state-owned forest in the Tarn and one of the largest oak forests in Europe. Its age-old history and ecological wealth make it an emblematic site for the region.

The Forest of Grésigne, witness to so many centuries, provides the perfect backdrop for this majestic spectacle. Its rich history dates back to the Middle Ages, as a hunting reserve for the Counts of Toulouse. Its imposing trees have witnessed many events, and the bellowing of the stag is one that has endured through the ages. Today, it is classified as a natural area of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest.

Sound walk in the heart of the Grésigne forest

To make the most of this unique experience, we invite you to join the “Sound walk in the heart of the Grésigne forest”. Organised by the Tarn departmental hunters’ federation and the Office National des Forêts in conjunction with Tarn réservation tourisme. On 26 and 28 September 2023, two exceptional evenings await you. Join us with your family or friends to listen to the deer bellowing in the Forêt de Grésigne.

For gourmets, head for an evening at the Ferme Auberge

Because we’re all gourmets at heart, we’d like to invite you to the deer rut evening at the Ferme Auberge les Chênes in Larroque.

On the programme: a guided walk led by a passionate expert, who will take you through the forest paths at dusk or at nightfall. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious meal at the farmhouse inn. An evening suspended in time in the heart of nature.

The evenings run from 16 September to mid-October, from Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Two time slots are available: 7.30pm or 9pm. Don’t forget to book your place by calling 05 63 33 10 92.

Live this unique experience at Domaine de la Durantie

When you stay at Domaine de la Durantie in Castelnau-de-Montmiral, you’re at the gateway to the Forest of Grésigne. The luckiest among you may be lucky enough to hear this natural spectacle. From the doorstep of your villa, in your swimming pool or at dusk in your swim spa! There’s no better place to enjoy this natural wonder.

To reserve your villa now, visit our website:

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and listen to the red deer rut. An experience you’ll never forget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or any special request. We look forward to welcoming you!

See you soon at Domaine de la Durantie!

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